Make Your Voice Heard

In the words of Dr. Benjamin S. Carson.

The United States of America was intentionally designed to be different from others in which a monarch or strong central government controlled almost every aspect of the lives of its citizens. In other nations at the time, the lives of the populace conformed to the will of the government. In America, the government is supposed to conform to the will of the people. Also in most other countries, it was declared that the rights of the people were conferred by the government; whereas, our founding documents indicate a belief that our rights derive from our Creator, a.k.a. God.

It is critical that the people of our country understand that we the people are at the pinnacle of power in a nation created of, by and for the people. In order to exercise that power in a responsible manner, the people must be informed voters. To cast votes for people or issues about which one knows little or nothing is akin to taking unlabeled medicine from an unknown source simply because someone told you to do so.

We must understand that the government works for us and not vice versa. We have all been admonished to vote responsibly. That means we should be familiar with the choices offered on the ballot and employ our cognitive skills to make informed choices. We the people have the ability to control the destiny of our nation. The founders of this nation put in place a structure to preserve life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

It is up to us to use it. The greater your knowledge base, the greater your fortification against unscrupulous attempts at indoctrination. Once you discover and admit to yourself who you really are, what your values are, the next step is to gather enough courage to actually vote on your convictions rather than on what you think would make you popular and accepted. Your belief system should not be subjugated to political party affiliation, but rather the people and issues one votes for should be subjugated to their belief system. The original vision for America included a society where the desires of the people were paramount in the design of policies.

It is not enough to simply educate yourself about voting; it is also important to educate those in your sphere of influence. In the whole scheme of things your one vote can decide an election, but broader influences could make the difference between the right candidate winning or losing an election.

I Pledge...

That I hereby join with millions of other voters to make my voice heard as a citizen of the United States by exercising my power through the ballot, becoming a more informed voter, holding the news media accountable to the truth, holding my elected officials accountable to their duties, understanding my personal values and voting according to them, and engaging with and encouraging others in my sphere of influence to go to and join in the pledge.

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